BRISTA – Awareness of environmental protection

Environmental protection and a responsible and economical use of valuable resources: An important part of BRISTA‘s corporate philosophy which has always been firmly anchored in our corporate principles. As a modern and environmentally conscious organization, we know that investing in a cleaner production and a low CO2 logistic always pays off – not least for our customers.

That is why we consistently focus on climate change. We at BRISTA use photovoltaic technology to produce our own electricity. Therefore we installed a 340 kWp photovoltaic system on approximately 10,000 square meters of hall space on our own. 2,200 modules, made by Sharp and Shell, are about 2,300 square meters large and produce about 380,000 kwh of electricity. This roughly equals 60 times the consumption of a private household.

Our lived environment awareness and practiced energy efficiency in all production steps also include the use of large rainwater retention basins (about 100,000 liters). They serve the setting and filling of chemical baths for galvanizing and powder coating.

The contract for biogas and district heating, which has been closed in 2007, is part of and complement to our efforts to consistently use environmentally friendly energy sources and our responsibility to meet people’s and the environment’s needs. The installation of a new heating system, used by all chemical baths of the hot-dip galvanizing and powder coating as well as all the warehouse and office areas, expresses BRISTA’s understanding of being an environmentally friendly company who treats resources with care. We are constantly working on that and try to determine the course for the future also by using the most modern plant technology.

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