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BRISTA: Where tradition and innovation make for competition

BRISTA’s success story lasts for over 90 years and four generations and continues to be written on. In 1928 Franz Brinkmann, founder of BRISTA, started the production of thumbtacks and upholstery nails with only 5 employees in Ense Lüttringen. Since then the production facilities as well as the service range have extended many times. Yet the dedication for the material steel is part of each service and each offered product. Hence the resulting synergies are reflected in our name: BRISTA is the result of a combination of the family name Brinkmann and the German word for steel –  "Stahl". This combination turned into a promise to our customers – our demand for highest quality in metal processing, metal finishing and logistics.


Plant 1 (Oesterweg 16)

Brista Plant 1 1 (Oesterweg 16)

Creating, securing and maintaining competitiveness

We at BRISTA know about the importance of new technologies, smooth production processes and modern logistics to ensure a reliable delivery. Only if all steps run perfectly synchronized the full capability of up to date production, products and production can be fully established. To create, secure and maintain competitiveness and especially advantage towards competitors, we at BRISTA trust in a wide range of production capabilities. These range from profiling, robotic welding and laser cutting to punching and bending, also including surface finishing (hot-dip galvanizing and powder coating) and are used both for own goods as well as in the field of contract manufacturing for industrial manufacturers and workshops.

Our modern machinery and robotic systems allow for fast and precise profiling, stamping, punching and forming of metal. On top of our machinery, we are also well established with competent and committed employees to implement our customers requirements – with competitive pricing, competent and personal consultation and very precise performance, from the first draft to the final delivery.
Our hot-dip galvanizing line is one of Europe’s most advanced and is perfectly complemented and efficiently extended by the direct connection of a high-performance powder coating system. This underlines our high competence in the field of hot-dip galvanizing and creates short distances, powerful synergies and thus a significant competitive advantage for our customers.

Our 25,000 m² of hall space is the heart and mind in terms of production and storage of various products as well as our jobbing galvanizing and powder coating. 190 employees ensure that we support our customers at all times and that we are available as an experienced contact person as well as full-service-provider in the steel and finishing area.

Plant 2 (Zum Kleifeld 18)

Brista Plant 2 (Kleifeld 18)
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