Double Stick Mats & Fence Covering Strips

Fence Mats / Twin Wire Mesh Panels

We see fence mats or twin wire mesh panels every day and almost everywhere – in private as well professional life, as accruals in commercial areas and company grounds or as fences around soccer fields and playgrounds, around gardens and private …

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Flat Bar

Solid and safe.
Flat bars made by BRISTA connect your fence post with the appropriate twin wire mesh panel. It is available in 4 mm or 5 mm thickness. The bar length, center hole distance as well as the version as either round hole or long hole are …

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Profile rail

Unbelievably strong, unbelievably light, unbelievably good-looking.
We further developed the current fence covering strips for you, because we want to make good things even better. The result is our new BRISTA profile rail, that safely and strongly …

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