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Fence Mats / Twin Wire Mesh Panels


BRISTA’s Fence Mats: Stability and Quality

We see fence mats or twin wire mesh panels every day and almost everywhere – in private as well professional life, as accruals in commercial areas and company grounds or as fences around soccer fields and playgrounds, around gardens and private lots. As universal as their fields of application and possibilities are, as simple and at the same stable is their construction. You can benefit from our fence mats / twin wire mesh panels of superior stability, field-proven durability and proven quality. – All thanks to two parallel horizontal wires and a vertical wire as well as the resistance welding, which welds the directed and cut to length wires. Further advantages are the low price, easy installation and the best corrosion protection.

Our modern welding machine is based on the newest technology of mid-frequency and cocurrent flow welding with a current nominal capacity of 1,280 kVA and also guarantees:

  • Shorter welding times
  • Lower heat input into the material and
  • Minimal deformation tolerances

You can choose from a wide range of different heights, strengths, standards and surfaces of our fence mats / twin wire mesh panels.

By clicking on the graphic below, you can have a closer look at our various types.

Double Stick Mats

Zaunmatten Lagerung

Surface Options:
The twin wire mesh panels are available with different surface options:

  • batch galvanized (hot-dip galvanized as per DIN EN ISO 1461)
  • batch galvanized (hot-dip galvanized as per DIN EN ISO 1461) and powder coated
  • sendzimir galvanized (hot-dip galvanized as per DIN EN 10244-2) and powder coated

Batch Galvanizing
Previously welded twin wire mesh panels are galvanized in one piece. Batch galvanizing provides a higher-quality corrosion protection, but it is more expensive and the surface is rougher compared to sendzimir galvanizing.


Fence Mats Batch Galvanizing

Sendzimir Galvanizing
When sendzimir galvanizing, the twin wire mesh panels are welded from hot-dip galvanized wire and are powder coated afterwards. The surface in contrast to batch galvanized products is flawlessly smooth and additionally it offers an advantage in price.

Fence Mats Sendzimir Galvanizing

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